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​​Welcome to Today Bangla Newspaper (TBN), an online newspaper ​directory. You will find all the famous and renowned bangla newspaper in online. There are different online bangla newspapers in our website like Bangladesh protidin, the daily prothom alo, nayadiganta, and many more, which are quite famous for providing real and authentic news about our country and the rest of the world. If you are a regular online bangle newspaper reader then this is the right place for you to stay up to date with the current agendas and news. Start your morning with our online Bangla newspaper portal to get all the latest and breaking new around the world instantly. You can also browse to any news of the past dates from our archives and have a look at the news that you missed or want to review.

​Online English Newspaper in Bangladesh


​Today Bangla Newspaper (TBN) is an online newspaper directory where you can find online bangla newspaper as well as online English newspaper in Bangladesh. In our country, many people prefer to read the English newspaper. Our directory therefore has a section, which has the famous online English newspaper in Bangladesh like the daily star newspaper, the independent Bangladesh, Dhaka tribune, and much other English newspaper in Bangladesh. Some people prefer to improve their English skills and thus want to do that by reading English newspapers. There are also many foreigners who live in our country and wont be able to read our local language newspapers. Our directory is a good place that would help them get the news in the international language through our online English newspaper in Bangladesh. If you have news, portal then you can contact us, we can add your portal to our site, and you can get many visitors who would visit your portal regularly.

​Bangla Health Magazine


​Many people look for different categories of magazines and bangla health magazine is one of the most popular one. Especially for girls, bangla health magazine is an everyday read. Most of the feminine in our country are concerned about their health and keeps an eye out for tips and advices and directions on how to maintain a healthy diet for a good figure and body structure. This is why there are good numbers of visitors for bangla health magazine every day. Not only are they conscious about their own health, there are many mothers out there who are looking for baby health tips bangla for their infants. Authentic tips about the health that would prove to be very much effective are an absolute hit amongst the readers. A good bangla health magazine would attract a lot of readers and make them a regular visitor.

​Sports Magazine in Bangladesh


​Our sports magazine in Bangladesh is a good news for the sports lover in Bangladesh who likes to keep a follow up with their team. Sports lover have a tendency to go deep into the news and find out what their favourite team and players are up to. Thus the sports magazine in Bangladesh is a very good choice to get to the inside stories and recent updates about their team and players. Many sports lover can sometimes miss the matches and would like to know in detail about what happened for which, they come and check the online bangla newspaper and online English newspaper in Bangladesh.

​Bangladesh TV Channel News


​Our online bangla newspaper directory also has the Bangladesh TV channel news from various online bangla newspaper and online English newspaper. This is the section of the directory that is made for the television lovers out there. Instead of collecting different newspapers from different places, you can all Bangladeshi tv channel list here in our online bangla newspaper directory. We also have the information of upcoming tv channels in Bangladesh. If you love and enjoy watching the local tv shows and movies, then you will find all the bangla channel list here in our directory. Enjoy your shows, see them on time by knowing their schedule from here, and stay up to date all the time.

Fashion Magazines in Banglades


​Fashion is a trend that makes the world revolves around it and thus increasing the demand of fashion magazines in Bangladesh. People of all ages are very much conscious about the fashion that they appear in. fashion magazines in Bangladesh are read by many fashion lovers of Bangladesh. In our online bangla newspaper directory, we have a section just for the fashion lovers of Bangladesh to help them update themselves with the latest fashion. In our directory, you will find a section of fashion magazines in Bangladesh where there you will get Bangladeshi fashion magazine list of different sorts. Pick your favourite one and start reading to know more about your suiting fashion. You will find the best and famous fashion magazines in Bangladesh in our directory that will make you keep coming back here. If you have your own fashion magazine, you are most welcome to contact us and submit it to us so that we can add it in our directory and you will get lots of visitor in your website.

​Stock Market News in Bangladesh


Stock market news in Bangladesh is followed and monitored by a lot of people around the nation. This is because a good number of the population of the country has invested in this stock market or share business as the locals like to call it. Our online bangla newspaper directory has a stock analysis portal where you can see the stock Bangladesh company news that will let you know the position of the company or share you invested in. Get minute-to-minute stock market news in Bangladesh from our online bangla newspaper. You will get the latest updates of stock market news in Bangladesh from our stock Bangladesh analysis portal. Any updates in the stock Bangladesh company news will instantly reach you once you visit our site.

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  • ​khulna
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  • ​chittagong
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  • ​rangpur
  • ​sylhet

​There are other newspapers as well that only focuses on the issues regionally in Bangladesh. you can now get news of any division from the local newspaper company that division from our regional newspaper in Bangladesh section. In this section you can connect yourself with the division you are from even if you are living somewhere far from your district. Our regional newspaper in Bangladesh section of your online bangla newspaper helps in connection thousands with their division. They can stay up to date with the current affairs or incidents taking place in their division. Popular news companies from every division makes their own newspaper and we bring them directly to you from our online bangla newspaper directory. Stay with us to find out the news about your hometown.

About ​Bangladesh Online Newspaper

​In Bangladesh the online newspaper has begun in recent years. But in developed countries like the UK, USA and other parts of the world, online newspaper has begun in the 70’s and 90’s. Online newspaper has gained the attention of the readers of the young generation. was one of the earliest online newspapers in Bangladesh that started this trend. There were some good level of challenges for online newspaper in Bangladesh. Some of the reasons were in the earlier years when the trend of online newspaper in Bangladesh started, there were lack of good internet, internet costs were high, portable gadgets weren’t available where people could read or access the online newspaper in Bangladesh. People didn’t have access to internet in many parts of the country back then. So therefore, the online newspapers weren’t much popular around the country.

Online Bangla newspaper has become popular nowadays around the country for the readers. In the past, people use to wait for the newspaper to arrive and then they got the chance to read the news. Digitalization of the country has helped the readers to receive the morning newspaper through the recent development of online Bangla newspaper. Newspaper readers now can read the news anytime they want from our online Bangla newspaper directory where they will find different newspaper companies providing the latest and the most authentic news there is on that day.

In Today Bangla Newspaper, you will get the famous newspaper companies just a click away from getting to the news from your preferred or everyday newspaper. This Bangla online newspaper system has benefitted people in many ways. For example, they can access news anytime they want, can look for newspapers of the past dates, they don’t have to wait for the newspaperman to arrive with the paper. Even on a rainy day when the newspaper deliveryman is unable to come, readers can just access the Bangla online newspaper and can read the news without having to worry about the news being delivered in time or not.

​In our Bangla online newspaper directory, not only will you get the news from top newspaper companies in Bangladesh, but you will also get to read different magazines of famous brands. We have magazines for subjects like health, sports, fashion, etc., in our Bangla online newspaper directory. You will also find divisional newspapers for each division helping you to know the current affairs of your preferred division.