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Today Bangla Newspaper is an online newspaper directory that helps the newspaper readers to get access to the best newspapers in the country. We are a team who focuses in connecting the newspaper readers to the newspaper companies through the help of technology. We have seen that it is easier to read newspaper in online rather than waiting everyday for the newspaper to arrive at your doorstep. And thus we have taken the step to make your hassle go away and make your lives easier. Today Bangla Newspaper both online bangla and English newspapers for the readers to choose from whichever language they prefer to read the newspaper in. although the name suggests one particular language, we are more than happy to serve you with fresh and  hot news in English as well.

At Today Bangla Newspaper, you will also get different magazines besides only newspapers. In our directory we have the facility for you to enjoy a good magazine during your leisure time to enjoy and have a good alone time. We have different types of magazines in our directory. Some of them are

  • ​Health Magazine- A magazine for the health conscious people out there who wants to know how to stay healthy and what are the foods that could help in leading a healthy life.
  • Sports magazine- A good way for the sports lover to get more close to their favourite sport and get connected to their favourite players by knowing their inside stories through interviews.
  • Fashion magazine- A trendy magazine that helps the fashion lovers to see and update with the latest fashion that is currently going on and learn about different cultures and their fashions.

​These magazines help you to spend a good time and enjoy your leisure evening with a cup of coffee and you read. We always do our best to ensure that our directory is a user-friendly directory and thus the readers can visit us more often and enjoy their reading. We keep our website up to date all the time so that the readers don’t miss our anything. Our prime motto is to give the user a beautiful experience about online newspaper and let them enjoy the news.

​We are also accepting newspaper from people who has their own newspaper company and is looking for a directory like us to display their news. If you are one of those individuals who would like their newspaper to get regular visitor then you can contact us and we will help you and your newspaper get visitors.