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​Anondo Alo


​Anada Alo is a fashion magazine where you will find the magazine articles about the latest trend in fashion mostly focusing our country’s culture. You will see photo shoot of some famous models of our country who has a good face value in the world of Bangladesh fashion.

​Ice Today


​Ice today is an English fashion magazine that will allow you to go through the diversity in fashion across the country as well as the globe. You will find the latest fashions and trends around the globe allowing you to change yourself with the diverse fashion that you find attractive.

​Canvas Magazine


​Canvas is a popular fashion magazine which has both Bangla and English language for readers who prefer different the language they want to read it in. you will find articles on fashion and also some different topics like on food, health and interviews of some famous people.

​Mirror Lifestyle


​Mirror is a very famous fashion magazine in our country that has gained popularity for its exotic fashion articles. This is an English fashion magazine allowing international readers to read and learn more about the exotic fashions there is allowing them to be unique.

​Colors Magazine


​Colours is a very colorful fashion magazine just like its name. you can find a lot of colourful fashion from across the country and also helps you to get updated with the recent trends in the world of fashion. This fashion magazine will help you get updates on the new dresses on special occasions.

​Fashion Magazine - ​Fashion Newspaper in Bangladesh

Fashion is something that controls the population of the world. Without fashion, this world would seem a lot less colourful and diverse. It is because of fashion a lot of industries are able to do a good business. With the help of fashion, new trends are being introduced to our world and generation every day. Fashion has changed and evolved in time to time. Fashion changes as generation changes as well. You will not find the fashion that was popular or trendy back in the 80’s or 90’s. in this 21st century, fashion has changed a lot and therefore, some old fashions and trends have become extinct.

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