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Privacy Policy

Our website address is: https://todaybanglanewspaper.com

Privacy is an important factor for any individual and it should be respected. Today Bangla Newspaper respects everyone’s privacy with the highest priority. Here is some privacy policies which we like to follow:

Protect Personal Information

Today Bangla Newspaper collect and use single personnel information only for the purpose of website contacting issue. We use this to make the communication between the readers, news publishers with us easier. By this, they can communicate with us and us with them for any information.

Techniques of data use

At first, we collect the newspapers information and then verify by this with first party officials. After getting the confirmation about the authenticity of the information, which we had collected, we then use it in our website.

Personal data sharing

Your personal data in 100 percent secured with us. We ensure data security. The purpose for which we use this information is for the client’s advertisement. We provide genuine data to the users. We save your data and secure it. We DO NOT disclose your personal data for commercial use.

Third Party Website Linking

Today Bangla Newspaper linked all third party website to our directory for countrywide user to find all the local and international newspapers in a single domain. Collecting all this data is a tough job.

Changes to this privacy policy

Today Bangla newspaper holds the right to change the privacy policy at any time. Any changes in your privacy policy will be notified to the third party users via email.

​Advertising Policy

Today Bangla Newspaper reserve the rights to use advertisement in its domain. We can assure you that this advertisement would be followed according Google terms and condition. Logo and all website data is the property of Today Bangla Newspaper. We hold the right to sell this domain if we need.

​Please contact us for more details.